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Land and See

July 15 - 19, 2019

Ah yes, the workshop Dave Brosha hosts in his barn in Long Creek that I look forward to every year. This is the workshop, where connections, creativity, and having a good time are just as important as learning photography. Amazing people from all over come to this, and this year we had - Wayne Simpson, Grace S., Alejandro Molina, Viktoria Haak, Maggie Hood, Elena Bazini, Erin Falkenham, Pablo Saravanja, Stephen Desroches, Curtis Jones, Renee Robyn, Kyle MacDougall, Loren McGinnis, etc ect, sorry to anyone I missed. We got a private concert with Lennie Gallant and Patricia. We had an air band competition, where I laughed the hardest this summer. Rae had chain mail on, flowers in his beard, and ran around with smoke bombs. Dave did an amazing demo making Kyle look like a rockstar. I learned about focus stacking. I did some free lensing. Grace made us all cry. Pablo had us faking it until we were making it. Kyle got us all film inspired. Loren gave us inside "brother dave" jokes. Renee taught us dark skin has blue undertones. Mag showed us to think outside the box with underwater shooting. The other participants are also always just as talented and as nice as the mentors. I had a great time car pooling with Riki. I had even felt a low for a few days in my normal life after this, because I was on such a high. I can't wait to hang out with this gang again next year!

Here are some photos other people took.

And here's some I took.

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