Katie & Rory - Wedding

August 24, 2019

What a great day! This couple was so much fun, just take a look at the bridal party photos! Katie is from Galway, Ireland, and Rory is from PEI. They met and live in New Zealand. Both are so proud of where they come from, and at the ceremony they mixed their favorite Canadian and Irish whiskeys together, drinking the new whiskey they created. So many great details here - bow ties PEI and Irish colors, green bridesmaids dresses, a home made arch, ect. The bridesmaids sang their own version of Ed Sheeran's "Galway Girl", with the lyrics "she met a guy from PEI...". Guests were friendly, the family barn was beautiful, and I also ate the best carrot cake ever, made by Rory's aunt (I guess it's pretty famous around Indian River). Congratulations Katie & Rory!

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